The Nottingham Festival of Science and Curiosity is a week long festival which brings Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths out from behind closed doors and into the everyday lives of people. The festival is about inviting the people of Nottingham to share not only what they know, but also what they would like to know; it’s about celebrating curiosity, asking questions and taking a leading role in finding out the answers.

Over the course of a week, the festival brings creative STEM activities to:


Curious Schools

We will be delivering a number of projects, including:

  • A project with five primary schools and University of Nottingham scientists looking at pathogens in tomato plants, funded by the British Plant Pathology Society
  • A project with up to 30 primary schools where pupils will gather data for a city-wide citizen science project about biodiversity and air quality, funded by the University of Nottingham
  • A project with the Nottingham Children’s Hospital School, funded by the Royal College of Pathologists
  • A project with three primary schools involving neuroscience undergraduate students from the University of Nottingham
  • A Careers Day for secondary school pupils at BioCity
  • The Real Science in Schools Symposium showcasing the authentic scientific research being done by pupils in Nottingham

Curious City

  • We will be taking over city centre venues on Saturday 16th February, including Central Library, Broadmarsh Shopping Centre, Broadway Cinema, Sneinton Market, Urban Room, Wollaton Hall, Green’s Mill and more.

Curious Communities

We will be taking science out to communities with activities in all 13 city branch libraries, including:

  • Three fun days at Meadows, Clifton and Strelley libraries
  • Four Tots Time sessions at Hyson Green, St Ann’s, Aspley and Bulwell libraries
  • Three Library Club talks at Clifton, Sherwood and Basford libraries
  • Six Rocket Challenge sessions at Wollaton, Bilborough, Lenton-Radford, Southglade Park, Sherwood and Dales Centre libraries

Curious Lates

  • We will be running a programme for adults, including SciBar events, an event from the Nottingham Speakers’ Club, an evening of talks from Pride in STEM and more.

If you’re a teacher, parent, academic, student or community group interested in any of these events, please get in touch:


How It Happens

The festival is now in its fifth year, and is produced by an enthusiastic collaboration of Nottingham organisations including Nottingham City Council, Nottingham Trent University, the University of Nottingham, Broadway Cinema, Ignite!, STEM Learning, the Nottinghamshire BSA and more. All of whom are dedicated to enriching our city’s culture with science and curiosity!

The Nottingham Festival of Science & Curiosity is a proud member of the UK Science Festivals Network

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