Artist Commissions

With thanks to funding from Arts Council England, we have commissioned five artists to help us to explore science and curiosity in new ways and help redefine public engagement in a COVID world.

Roma Patel

Roma is our 2021 Festival Artist in Residence.

Roma has developed an installation exploring incredible mycelium networks, fungi and fairy rings. Roma’s installation is designed as a sensory and playful experience for young children under 5 and will be installed at Wollaton Hall when it reopens.

Find out more about Roma’s residency here.


Alfie Eyden

Alfie is one of our four commissioned artists for the 2021 festival.
Alfie is creating a series of videos exploring the questions children ask, including “What if humans had a tail like a monkey?”, “What would school be like in space?”, “What if Ants were the size of humans?”, “What if we lived underwater” and “Where do moths go in the day”. These videos will be available online during the festival. 

Chris Lewis-Jones

Chris is one of our four commissioned artists for the 2021 festival.

Chris is collaborating with colleagues at Primary and All Souls’ Community Centre in Radford, with academics at the University of Nottingham and, with the help of Refugee Roots, with refugees living NG7. Participants will make art work exploring the science of food using materials delivered in pizza boxes. Each artwork will be presented and exhibited within a pizza box. 



INSTAR are Trish Evans and and Nick Humphreys and are one of four commissioned artists for the 2021 festival.

Inspired by the beautiful and hypnotic movement of jellyfish, a curious and extraordinary mechanical sculpture by INSTAR entitled ‘The Subumbrellar’ will be on show at Wollaton Hall when it reopens.

#subumbrella @weareinstar

Ryan Heath

Ryan Heath is one of four commissioned artists for the 2021 festival.

Ryan Heath has been working with local young people to develop some Augmented Reality signage using Attenborough Nature Reserve as inspiration. These virtual signs will aim to encourage best practices and inform visitors about the reserve’s fauna and flora. These signs will be available to view online during the Festival. 

Ryan has been running zoom workshops this January for 16-24 year olds to develop this work.

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