Try At Home Activities

We have compiled a whole range of activities for you to try out at home. Let us know how you get on by sharing photos and videos on social media @NottsFOSAC #CuriousNotts


Children should be supervised while they take part in these activities and participants take part at their own risk.

Ice & Spaghetti Composites

Discover how mixing two materials together can produce the best of both worlds!

Composite Materials

Swat or Not?

Learn how to identify different insects through this interactive game!

Swat or Not?

AR Colour-In Jellyfish

Help artists INSTAR create an AR jellyfish bloom across Notts called ‘The Subumbrellar’.


Curiosity Activities

A range of activities to keep children curious in lockdown.

Lockdown Curiosity Activity

Make Your Own Bioplastic

Watch the video and follow along to make bioplastic at home.

BioPlastic Video

Green Energy Wordsearch

Can you find all the words relating to sustainable energy?

Green Energy Wordsearch

Frozen Ark Puzzles

Have a go at emoji games, sudokus and mazes all about endangered species.

Frozen Ark Puzzles

Wollaton: A World of Wonder

Find out more about Wollaton Hall and Park and try some of your own winter nature science activities.

Wollaton Wonders

Newstead Abbey Poetry

Write some of your own poetry inspired by Newstead Abbey.

Newstead Abbey Snowy

The Garden of Just Because

Have a look at the world of fungi close up with Artist in Residence Roma Patel’s 360° videos.


Garden Scavenger Hunt

Can you find all the objects on the list in your back garden, or in your local park?

Scavenger Hunt

Origami & Maths Videos

Watch videos exploring connections between Engineering, Origami and Maths.


Microbes: Yeast Experiment

Join researchers from the Synthetic Biology Research Centre at University of Nottingham to learn about microbes.


Frozen Bytes Podcast

Learn all about the Frozen Ark project, which aims to protect the genetic heritage of endangered animals, in this short podcast.

Frozen Bytes

Brain Myths Quiz

Test you knowledge about brains with this interactive quiz!

Brain Myths Quiz

Leaf Bingo

How many leaves can you find that are different shapes and sizes?

Leaf Bingo

Microscope Quiz

Can you work out what these objects are under the microscope?

Microscope Quiz

Daily Brain Tricks

Watch these videos exploring how our brains work.


Why Is A Pill A Pill?

Why are medicines in different formats? What is the COVID-19 vaccine really made up of? Come and find out in this interactive guide to medicines formulation!


Science on Screen

Grab some popcorn! Here’s some suggestions for things to watch at home during the festival that will encourage curiosity and learning.


Build A Virus

Ever wondered what a model of Coronavirus would look like using food? Follow this video to build your own model!


Build A Tapeworm

Work though this interactive learning package and have a go at building your own tapeworm, whilst learning about them along the way.


Science Busking

Make your own sensory science tricks at home using household objects!

Science Busking

AR Attenborough

Take a look at the AR experience created by artist Ryan Heath with local young people exploring creativity, conservation awareness and emerging technologies.


Decoding Giardia Lamblia

Join Dr Roberts on a day in the clinic to help him solve Danny’s case of giardiasis – one of the infections that causes diarrhoea!


Breast Cancer Researchers

Watch this video from the Nottingham Breast Cancer Research Centre to find out about the work scientists are doing.


Decoding Covid-19

Learn about the coronavirus and test your knowledge about cells in this activity from the University of Nottingham School of Pharmacy.


Psychology Activities

Have a go at some brain-teasers from Nottingham Trent University’s Psychology Department.

NTU Psychology

Your Festival Reads

Suggested science and curiosity reading for children and adults from Nottingham City Libraries.

Your Festival Reads

Science At Home

Have a go at these experiments from the University of Nottingham’s Biodiscovery Institute.

Stay At Home Science
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