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An annual festival which is all about showcasing a world of science and curiosity that’s all around us every day. The festival is about inviting the people of Nottinghamshire to share not only what they know, but also what they would like to know; it’s about celebrating curiosity, asking questions and taking a leading role in finding out the answers.

Schools Programme

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Photo Credit: Emma Ford

The first week of the festival is while schools are still in session, so we run a range of activities with scientists and researchers going into schools, pupils getting out and visiting science sites, as well as students presenting their own science investigations. The festival works with pupils at all phases, from early years to primary to secondary to college, and including special schools and alternative provision.

Events Programme

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The second week of the festival is while during the half term holidays, so we take activities out into community settings like libraries, museums and shopping centres so families can come along and explore a range of science activities.


Photo Credit: Emma Ford

Over the past few years, the festival has adapted in many ways, producing a series of live television programmes, running online events, creating a festival magazine and commissioning artists.

Festival Team

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Nottingham Festival of Science and Curiosity is a company limited by guarantee, registered in England (number 11842873), and a Registered Charity (1192135). The festival is produced by local education charity Ignite!, but remains a collaboration with a wide range of partners across Nottinghamshire who come together monthly to develop plans for the festival.


Photo Credit: Emma Ford

Please read our policies below.

Activities at the festival are delivered by a wide range of people, including academics, students, artists, researchers, people working in science companies or public science bodies, STEM ambassadors and lots more!

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