A week long festival which takes Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths out of the lab and into our everyday lives. The festival is about inviting the people of Nottingham to share not only what they know, but also what they would like to know; it’s about celebrating curiosity, asking questions and taking a leading role in finding out the answers.


Curious Schools

In the lead up to the festival and during the first three days, the festival delivers projects with local primary and secondary schools. Previous projects have included:

  • Linking up schools with researchers of a particular field to work on a project over a number of weeks
  • Running CPD sessions for teachers
  • Coordinating city-wide citizen science projects where pupils are the field workers and their research makes a difference
  • Careers talks from industry scientists and academics
  • The Real Science in Schools Symposium showcasing the authentic scientific research being done by pupils in Nottingham
  • Special in-school sessions and assemblies

Curious City

Each year we take over loads of venues across the city centre for a day of curiosity! Previous venues have included:

  • Central Library
  • Broadmarsh Shopping Centre
  • Broadway Cinema
  • Sneinton Market
  • 38 Carrington Street
  • Wollaton Hall
  • Green’s Windmill & Science Centre
  • Nottingham Industrial Museum
  • National Videogame Arcade

Curious Communities

The festival is all about engaging new audiences with STEM, and so we go out into communities where there aren’t usually science activities on offer. We have a strong partnership with local libraries and run Fun Days, special challenges and talks for older people, reaching all 15 Nottingham city branch libraries in 2019. We also work with community groups and youth clubs to run targeted activities and projects.

Curious Lates

Nottingham’s got a great after-dark scene, so we run events for adult audiences, including talks, seminars and comedy nights to show how science is a part of our cultural lives.


How It Happens

After being organised as a collaborative but informal partnership across numerous organisations for five years, the Nottingham Festival of Science and Curiosity has now been established as a Company Limited by Guarantee, number 11842873, registered in England.

The festival is a proud member of the UK Science Festivals Network

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